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"Find a job you love and you'll never work a day in your life." ~Confucious

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I’m glad you decided to stop by. Having the right career is so important to our overall sense of well-being, not just financially, but also personally. Were you aware that over 50% of employees surveyed do not like their jobs? It’s true. If you are finding that your current job is no longer satisfying or meeting your needs, you’re not alone. We all deserve to have a career that is rewarding, interesting and stimulating.

Everyone is surprised and shocked to learn that the government has not managed our economy very well. 401K’s and other investments have tanked, in many cases by a third of their value. We had absolutely no idea that unemployment would skyrocket like it has and have been caught completely unaware that the very homes purchased in good faith have astonishingly lost their value. These are the very homes we thought would be an investment vehicle towards retirement.

Whether you are just entering the workforce, or have been in a career for a number of years, if you are one of the 75% who don’t like their job, making a move now can seem unstable and even uncertain. How will you know that the grass will in fact be greener on the other side of the street? Many now are scared of being laid off, or being stuck in a dead end job, or even worse, ending up in poverty after trying something and then failing.

When I worked at a company several years ago, I noticed my colleagues, once they started turning 50 were being routinely laid off. It looked to me like this company was trying to avoid having to pay out more money for retirement. Many of them had been with the company for years. For some, it was the first job they ever had coming out of school, and they were loyal employees. I realized that if this was happening to them, it could also happen to me. Even today, how many people have been laid off so that companies can look more profitable to investors?

It’s not your fault

We were taught our whole lives; pretty much fed a line that if we just ‘played fair’ that the system would treat us fairly. But more and more we are learning that is simply not true. Where’s our trillion dollar bailout? As we see in the headlines almost every day, it seems like Corporate America doesn’t care about you and I, or for that matter, for their customers. All of these factors; which are completely out of our control, have dramatically changed our career options.

I’m here to tell you though that you can be happy and prosperous in a career of your own choosing! You can have a career where your personal integrity is never threatened. You can find the wealth you desire, regardless of what the economy is doing. My parents Rae and Elsie were raised during the Depression. I know that seems like such a long time ago, but that was at a time in history when unemployment rates were absolutely staggering. They would describe to me how at times they shared a small can of spaghetti as their only meal for the day, not just for a few days, but every day for several months. My parents decided that they weren’t going to wait for someone to say “you’re hired”, so they went out and created their own destiny. In the process, they became millionaires not just once, but twice – at a time when the average wage was only $30.00 per week. I’m not suggesting that you run out and go into business for yourself, but what I am saying is that what we have known as traditional career paths have been drastically altered. But you can have the job that is right for you, whether you decide to stay at your current employer, or update your resume and move on. Don’t you want to work for a great company? Don’t you want to be at a company that welcomes you and appreciates your contributions? What about building a comfortable retirement that you and your family to enjoy?

Why Making “No Decision” About Your Career
is Almost Always The Wrong Decision

In her book, Should I Stay Or Update My Resume? Take 5 Lunch Hours To Decide, career coach Leslie Attwooll walks you through the process that will help you determine whether you should stay at your current job, or update your resume and move on. You’ll not only discover, but you’ll also become really clear on what you need to have in a job, what jobs that you are best suited for, and how to enjoy your job no matter where you are (whether you stay or update your resume).

L.W., Westerville, OH
“Leslie’s coaching gave me a better understanding of what I need in terms of career satisfaction. This knowledge gave me the courage and confidence to hold out for the right job rather than settling for the first offer that came along. She is an excellent coach.”


Should I Stay Or Update My Resume?

is ideal for those who are:

  • Currently employed, but no longer enjoying their job
  • Looking for work and want to save themselves time
  • Not really sure whether to continue working in the same career/field
  • Re-entering the job market; whether that is coming out of retirement, or returning to work after having a child

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N.H., Columbus, OH
“When I first met Leslie I knew she was going to be a special person in my life. She became a light in a dark tunnel. At the time I was in an unhealthy relationship and working two jobs. Working with Leslie has been a breath of fresh air. I can recall talking with her about my career and how unhappy I was. After applying her techniques, I got a great position, one that I don’t think I could have gotten without her help! Wow! When Leslie became my Life Coach everything in my life simply got better and better. She has also helped me learn how to identify when my life is out of balance. I am finally out of a negative relationship, have bought a house and with her help, only working in a great job that pays much more. This gives me time to do other things that I really enjoy doing. I would recommend that if anyone has any type of imbalance in their life, or are unhappy in their current career to contact Leslie and experience the happiness I now enjoy. Thank you Leslie!”

Do you want the promotion you’ve been seeking? Do you want to make the money you deserve to make? Do you want to create a career for yourself that’s enjoyable? You deserve a job that you really love and live the life that you choose to live.

Eliminate Your Uncertainty

In Just 5 Lunch Hours, would you like to be able to discover and confirm your genuine, bona fide career desires? How about liberating yourself and becoming really clear on whether or not to stay at your current job? Do you want to have a tangible, realistic plan that will get you where you want to go? You will have one to get moving forward on and actually be taking the next steps to having what you really want.

M.M. Gahanna, OH
“Leslie creates the right environment for people so they can lower their walls and she allows them to experience their true nature. She encourages people to grow, to flourish and to succeed as human beings.”

Should I Stay Or Update My Resume? is a step-by-step guide that will help you determine whether to stay at your current job, or update your resume and move on. You will also receive the following tips:

BONUS 1– Tips for Successful Networking

Whether you stay at your current company, or update your resume and move on, networking is absolutely essential. Even if you’re a really shy person, having a healthy career is one that you nurture through having successful networking relationships. You will just learn new ways of networking and how to leave the most favorable impressions with your contacts.

BONUS 2– Recruiter Insider Interview Tips

As an additional bonus, I will share tips from my 5 years as a professional recruiter (headhunter), after interviewing thousands of people throughout my career.



Should I Stay Or Update My Resume?

is ideal for those who are:

  • Currently employed, but no longer enjoying their job
  • Looking for work and want to save themselves time
  • Not really sure whether to continue working in the same career/field
  • Reentering the job market; whether that is coming out of retirement, or returning to work after having a child

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